Subtle Festive Touches to Enhance your Home for Christmas

Christmas decoration

With the festive season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to begin planning your Christmas decor to create a welcoming space for guests. Each year, the approach we take to our festive home decor differs. Sometimes we feel like going all out, making big changes in an array of festive shades, while other years we prefer to stick to more muted palettes and subtle elegant updates. This year, consider subtle festive touches to enhance your home. Read on for ideas and inspiration…

Muted Christmas Colours…

muted tones for Christmas decoration

Adding Christmas decor to your home doesn’t have to mean using bold and bright reds, glimmering golds, glitter, tinsel and bright lights. Festive decor can be understated and sophisticated, yet still feel really Christmassy. This year, why not elevate your space using more muted tones of burgundy, forest green and just a touch of gold or silver.

If you are expecting guests, why not lay beautiful linen towels in festive designs on their beds, to welcome them to the room that they will sleep in over the following nights or weeks.

Try the Set of 2 Pure Cotton Jacquard Bath Towels in Oak Leaves Green or the Vintage Hemp Linen Towel in Oak Leaves Red. You could even mix and match these towels for an extra festive feel.

A beautifully dressed bed is a must for guests too. While not obviously festive, the Hand-Painted Italian Duvet Cover – Ellisse is charming with a hand-painted finish. This set with the Oak Leaves towels folded on top would make for a stunningly festive guest room.

Simple and Charming Festive Updates…

Christmas soft furnishing

Changing your soft furnishings is a great way to create a festive feel at home. Unlike wreaths and garlands, when you invest in high quality soft furnishings in timeless styles, they will last for years and can be brought out each Christmas.

To add a touch of red to your home, try the Hemp Throw – Hand-Printed Thick Hemp Linen Blanket – Roma. This contemporary blanket features hand-printed red stripes on natural linen, and will look charming thrown over an armchair or sofa, or layered on a bed.

For cushions, the Artisan Hand-Painted Red Cushion Cover – Ellisse and the Artisan Hand-Painted Green Cushion Cover – Ellisse also have that subtly festive look and feel, particularly when styled together.

Other ways to add interest to your home at Christmas include creating a bannister garland. This can be as subtle or as bold as you like. For a simple garland, try using fir and eucalyptus and add pinecones and dried orange slices. If you wish to add a bit more, try a small number of baubles in red, or berries and mistletoe.

pinecones and eucalyptus banister garland

Credit: Primrose & Plum

Dried flower arrangements can also be a wonderful way to add a subtle festive feel, and best of all, unlike fresh flowers and foliage, they can be stored away and used again next year. Try arrangements with lots of greenery and tones of reds and whites. These could be used as a Christmas table centrepiece, or on your coffee table or kitchen island.

A Sophisticated Christmas Table…

beautiful centrepiece made of flower to create a sophisticated Christmas table

If you are hosting Christmas this year, your Christmas table setting will probably be one of the main areas of focus. For a beautiful centrepiece, as above, try a dried flower arrangement, or a wreath with candles.

The tablecloth is often the starting point for any tablescape. This year why not invest in a luxurious tablecloth that you can use each year. For an elegant festive feel, try the Hand-Printed Linen Tablecloth – Granducale. On natural white linen, this tablecloth features a hand block-printed floral design in gold and is ideal if you’re aiming for a more subtle look.

Table runners are a great alternative to the more traditional tablecloth, and are perfect for styling at the centre of your Christmas table. Charming and in shades of greens and reds, the pattern of the Block-Printed Linen Table Runner – Fiocco is concentrated to the short ends of the runner and printed on crisp white linen. This keeps the look simple while still being beautifully festive.

Another option is the Vintage Hemp Linen Table Runner Giant Thistle Red. With a hand block-printed border style pattern, this design offers just the right amount of festive colour and pattern. You could choose to keep the look simple, styling with plain white linen napkins, or opt to style your tablecloth or runner with a matching napkin to elevate the finish.

Vintage Hemp Linen Table Runner Giant Thistle Red

There are endless options when it comes to subtle festive touches to enhance your home. Work within a style that suits your own unique taste and your home, and don’t be afraid to invest in luxury and timeless pieces that will work for years to come, instead of following trends or opting for bold statement pieces that aren’t of your typical style. Christmas decor is open to interpretation, and if you favour simple quality pieces, focus on that this season.

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