Bringing nature’s designs into your home

Nature has always had an influence on design, with many famed artists and architects utilising natural forms to create their work. Interior design has also incorporated nature in the past, with patterns featuring floral and faunal images.

As the world focuses on more sustainable, eco-friendly option, the homeware sector has also taken steps to include more natural materials in its designs. New interior designs utilise unstained woods such as driftwood and natural fabrics such as linen and cotton to create a calming natural atmosphere.

There are many simple ways to bring nature-inspired designs into your home. Below are a few ideas for bringing the outdoors indoors with ease.

Choose natural materials
The addition of fabrics borne of nature is an easy but beautiful alteration to a space. There are so many options, with the addition of a linen throw, cotton bedspread or even a seagrass rug transforming the look of an interior with ease. Our creative artisans select 100% natural crumpled linen to hand-print, and we think the softer look of a natural product is far superior to a manufactured item. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more sharp, why not try bringing leather into your space to blend with metallic and modern looks?

Return to natural building
Brickwork is always a lovely sight in a modern home, and with bricks being made with natural materials such as clay, an open brick wall can bring a rustic yet chic feel to a room. Leave it unpainted to introduce warm tones into a cooler space. If you’re not fortunate enough to have open brickwork, make a change to your tableware, adding handcrafted ceramics that use traditional claywork to create their designs.

Find the beauty in nature’s creations
If you would like a simple change, why not find designs inspired by nature’s own creations? ALLÓRA’s beautifully handcrafted products have often been inspired by nature, with floral patterns being seen across many of our items. Add a floral luxury tablecloth to your kitchen or dining space and add some flowers in a lovely vase for an easy natural update.

ALLÓRA’s newest product lines will feature eye-catching nature-inspired prints, such as birds and bees. Keep an eye on our website for their launch!

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