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copper kitchenware

Copper Kitchenware: Adding a touch of class to the kitchen

Copper kitchenware looks beautiful in any kitchen. The bright metallic shine suits modern and contemporary style, while the burnished tones blend well in rustic traditional interiors. There is no denying that copper kitchenware looks stunning, but it also has an array of practical uses too. A large number of professional chefs choose copper kitchenware because of its unique qualities. If someone invites you over for dinner and you spot a shining copper pot in their kitchen, then you know you are in for a treat.
Copper kitchenware is achingly on trend right now, but because elegant copper pots and pans have a timeless quality to them you can be sure that your quality copper kitchenware will have a place in your kitchen for many years to come.

How to make copper kitchenware work in your home

Flashes of metallic colour will lighten up any kitchen no matter what the colour scheme. Many people tend to use steel or chrome in their kitchen interiors, however these silvery-toned metals can look a little cold. If you want something warm and inviting then copper is a much more appealing choice. Adding warm accents to your kitchen really enhances the Italian feeling of home-cooking, family and the comfort of community.
As well as copper pots and pans, you can add other little touches of kitchen to your kitchen. Light fittings, cutlery, food mixers, kettles, drying racks and cupboard door handles are amongst the items that are available in copper or copper-tones. Though of course copper pots and pans look fantastic too. They are the sort of saucepans that shouldn’t be hidden away in the cupboard and are suited to being left out proudly on display.
Copper looks especially beautiful when combined with warm, rich colours. Opt for terracotta red, salmon pink or shades of coral. To bring out the copper tones, adorn your walls with copper photo frames, mirrors and wall clocks. Remember that copper does not need to be modern, antique bronze items look equally stunning. Seek out antique candlestick holders, vases and picture frames for a beautiful traditional look.

Copper and Marble

If you are looking at building a new kitchen from scratch, then you may want to consider the alluring combination of copper and marble. Cool white marble combined with shimmering copper looks elegant and refined. Marble floors and worktops have a distinct Italian air to them.
Even without reworking your whole kitchen you can enjoy the combination of white marble and copper kitchenware. Accents of copper and selected white marble accessories can look stunning. Marble is a great choice for a pestle and mortar, cheeseboards, cutting boards and salt dishes. You can even find some beautiful kitchenware accessories that combine elements of both marble and copper in one design.

Incorporating copper kitchenware into your life

Handmade Copper cookware can be used as a feature piece if you keep everything else sparse and simple. Even leave your copper pans out on display on your range or use rustic wooden shelving or a cabinet to display them to their full potential. Copper looks beautiful alongside glass, so why not display your copper kitchenware alongside elegant glass vases or hand-blown drinking glasses. You can even use copper wire to enhance glass bottles to create your own DIY vases. Coil copper wire around wine bottles or string up a garland of glass milk bottles using shimmery copper wire.
The Bindi Lanterns from Nkuku are handmade from antique copper and glass, they look stunning and offer subtle, sophisticated hints of copper that would work in a modern or more traditional kitchen.
These stunning Greek oinametra (wine measures) from Kiosk are the perfect way to introduce copper tones into your kitchen. Traditionally, the copper-toned cup is used for wine, the blue for water and the gold one for olive oil. However you choose to use them, they look striking.

Tom Dixons Copper Inspiration

If you are seduced by the copper kitchenware look, and want to inject copper accents into your own kitchen then you may wish to explore the Tom Dixons’ range. Combining stylish copper with majestic plum-coloured blown glass, the shapely barware range is as functional as it is striking.
The Hex range features some exquisite copper kitchenware items such as the Hex Bowl Large which features a unique hexagonal pattern that has been hand-hammered. Tom Dixons also offer a range of brass and copper lighting solutions, some stunning tea light holders and a beautiful array of bowls in various styles and sizes. The Hex range has multiple sizes of bowl and even features a distinguished champagne bucket.

Restart Firenze

Traditional Florentine villa kitchens are the inspiration behind the designs of The Restart Project. In the heart of the Tuscany countryside, the Restart Firenze worktops are where some truly exquisite and unique items of kitchen machinery and furniture are born. Using solid brass castings, burnished copper and sometimes cast iron and steel. Restart Firenze create bespoke items especially for their valued customers. If you are after a whole copper-infused kitchen then Restart Firenze is the place to buy unique furnishings and fittings, or to seek inspiration.

The AllÓRA Copper Kitchenware Range

Our range of handmade copper cookware looks divine but is also immensely practical. Each item has been lovingly crafted and expertly finished by hand, meaning our copper items are of the highest quality. Hand-crafted by the Tanucci family, our casseroles feature solid cast brass handles and a flawless finish.
We offer a range in sizes of our copper casseroles, each one has a fitted lid which is lightly hand-hammered to give a beautiful rustic finish. We also have a copper saucepans and a copper frying pan with a lid. We are proud to be able to say that the Tanucci family hand-craft all of our copper kitchenware items.


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