5 Reasons to Use Linen Napkins in Your Home

Bertozzi fork linen napkins

It is no secret that we at AllÓRA are advocates for the use of linen throughout the home – and linen napkins are no exception. Fewer moments epitomise the intimacy of your abode better than a meal at the table, so selecting the correct homeware pieces with which to dine not only perfects your table setting but elevates the entire experience for all those involved.

Cloth napkins, together with tablecloths, runners and placemats are a key to good table etiquette for both guest and host. This blog will discuss the many reasons why cloth napkins crafted from our finest Italian linen are the best choice for such an important investment.


Our hand-woven linen table napkins may have many practical uses, but their aesthetic superiority is such that they have the edge in terms of beauty too.

Hand-painted linen napkin - burshstroke
Hand-Printed Linen Napkin - Lavender Flowers
luxury italian linen napkins

The artisans at Stamperia Bertozzi employ decoration techniques which have been passed down through generations, either painting the napkins by hand or individually printing them using blocks of pear wood. Inspired by both the coast and the countryside, the craftsmen create pieces adorned with designs so elegant that they are guaranteed to transform any interior, no matter the taste in décor. More understated table napkins made from linen, such as those hand-stitched by the Tessitura Pardi artisan house, also bring a sense of completion to a laid table – so whether you prefer bold prints or muted tones, linen table napkins can be used to bring a touch of rustic glamour to any occasion.


Visually pleasing as cloth napkins may be, their primary purpose cannot be forgotten. Linen’s naturally unrivalled absorbency (exemplified by its use for bath towels and tea towels) makes it the ideal fabric when it comes to a product that will dab the corner of your mouth and catch any spillage in your lap, as it can absorb up to a fifth of its weight in moisture before it begins to dampen.

Additionally, considering a napkin’s main function is to get a bit messy (so that you don’t!), it is crucial to select a fabric that can be easily cleaned. Due to our linen napkins all being machine washable, caring for them is almost effortless and, in fact, will improve their absorbent capacity and softness over time.

Hand-Woven Italian Yellow Linen Napkin – Fiore di Lino
Hand-Woven Italian Green Linen Napkin – Fiore di Lino


The production of linen is incredibly sustainable, with each part of the flax plant used within the process. But the fabric’s eco-friendly qualities do not stop there: as it is a 100% natural fibre, items made from linen are both recyclable and biodegradable, meaning they will still benefit the planet beyond their lengthy lifetime.

While paper napkins and serviettes are options available on the market, a linen napkin’s reusable nature, along with the lack of waste it creates means it is always the more environmentally friendly option. In a way, picking a cloth napkin is a choice of luxury over landfill.

Italian linen napkin by stamperia bertozzi, allorashop
Italian linen napkin by stamperia bertozzi, allorashop
luxury linen napkin stamperia bertozzi, AllORA


Being noticeably stronger than cotton while still wonderfully soft, linen is an exceptionally sturdy material which will retain its quality for years to come. As well as not disintegrating during your meal like disposable napkins, linen napkins are tough and easy to launder. With this knowledge, you can be confident that napkins made from this cloth will be long-lasting features of your table linen that can withstand repeated use enough to even become family heirlooms.

Whether napkins are a daily addition to your place settings or are mainly brought out at special occasions, going for linen pieces will ensure your table has a high-end look no matter the length of time your napkins have been owned.

hand printed linen napkin Bertozzi

Expression of style

As with all carefully selected homeware, linen napkins can be used to express your own unique style. You may be someone who chooses napkins which directly match the print of their AllÓRA tablecloth, or perhaps you opt for statement napkins which complement simpler tableware – either way, table napkins offer the opportunity to accentuate your chosen aesthetic.

hand painted linen napkin Taormina
hand printed linen napkin Bertozzi

Napkins made from linen also offer ample choice when it comes to presentation. Leave them wrinkled after washing for an authentic, stonewashed look, or iron them while damp for a more polished finish. Whether you then choose to present these items folded or rolled in a chic napkin ring, linen napkins are an embellishment without which no table setting is complete.

Browse our range of linen napkins here and turn meals into memories with your family and friends.

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