Copper Cookware: The Benefits of Cooking with Copper at Home

Copper cookware - Italian copper kitchenware and artisan cookware

Copper has been a favourite material of mankind for millennia due to its striking appearance and its versatility of use (read about copper’s rich history in one of our earliest blogs on use of copper in the past). Today, one of the places where copper pots, pans and cookware truly come into their own is the kitchen, as it has become the metal of choice for professional chefs and home cooks alike. Pots, pans and other kitchen accessories made from copper offer a myriad of benefits compared to cookware forged from alternative metals such as stainless steel or tin, so understanding these advantages is key to making wise choices when it comes to the items in your home. As at AllÓRA, we believe in only offering the finest quality artisanal products, our range of Tanucci cookware is hand-crafted from pure copper, and here is why.


When ensuring that a piece of kitchenware is not only a purchase, but an investment, the durability of the utensil must be considered. Copper, whilst being highly naturally malleable, becomes tough and solid after being worked over a fire, so much so that it was even used to make tools and weapons in ancient times. In the kitchen, a piece of cookware is guaranteed to be exposed to heavy use, and much kitchenware (such as non-stick) has a notoriously short lifespan for this reason. But this metal’s hard-wearing nature, along with its natural resistance to corrosion, means that it will last for many years to come without much deterioration.

Copper Cookware - Copper Casserole Dish With Lid – Cm. 18
Range of different items of copper cookware

However, resilient as copper cookware may be, it is still possible that a pot or pan may experience some minor wear and tear over time. Not to worry, though – the copper items such as these can be taken to be restored and to have their surface re-tinned, allowing you to bring pieces of beloved cookware back to their original condition for a fraction of the price.


No homeware magazine or kitchen photoshoot is complete without copper pans being featured in some way, and this is no coincidence. Cookware made from copper is as stylish as it is practical due to its burnished shine being able to transform a kitchen’s interior in more than one way. Whether you prefer a contemporary, metallic look or have a taste which favours the rustic, the copper exterior of this cookware can add a sense of warmth to a room of the house which can otherwise feel clinical. While it is immensely popular in modern interiors, copper cookware is also a staple of the traditional, homely kitchen, making it the ideal combination of trendy and timeless.

The first civilisations to use copper were enchanted by its colour and splendour and, to them, the material was purely ornamental. This original purpose speaks to why copper kitchenware pieces suit being displayed rather than tucked away in a cupboard when not in use. Consider hanging them up or storing them on a shelf so that their charm constantly remains a visible element of your home.

Italian copper kitchenware and artisan cookware
Italian copper kitchenware and artisan cookware
Italian copper kitchenware and artisan cookware


Copper’s thermal conductivity is far higher than that of both stainless steel and cast iron; two other metals which are extremely popular on the cookware market. But why is this important?

As a better heat conductor, copper allows for heat distribution to be spread evenly throughout the pan or pot, which prevents certain areas from becoming hotter than others. This will help any home cook get the full potential out of a meal, as well as making food less likely to burn and stick to the cooking surface. The evenly-spread, higher rate of conductivity means that copper cookware has better heat retention, which can actually allow you to use less gas or electricity and save energy while you cook. Additionally, this efficient conduction makes copper responsive to heat changes quickly and enables the precise temperature of the cookware to be carefully adjusted – perfect for temperature-sensitive recipes.

Range of copper cookware


Not too heavy to lift, but not too light to be unstable, copper cookware sits securely and safely on your stove. Handles made from cast brass will ensure a sturdy grip that can support the contents of a pot, yet a copper frying pan will still be lightweight enough for actions such as sautéing.

Easy to Clean

While our Tanucci cookware’s beautifully fitted lids will minimise mess during cooking and the metal’s heat conduction properties reduce the chances of food sticking, your copper frying pans, casserole pots and saucepans will still need a good clean afterwards to keep them vibrant and gleaming. The patina which may show up on the copper cookware over time is in fact considered desirable by many as it gives off an antique feel, but if you wish to restore its lustre there are simple ways of doing so. Polish with lemon juice and baking soda or simply rub with a lemon wedge before rinsing with water and drying.

Health Benefits

Minimally processed during production but naturally hygienic, copper has antibacterial qualities in that it is free from microorganisms which could get into your food. Not only is it clean, but copper is also an essential trace mineral; a mineral which is a crucial part of a healthy human diet. By boiling water and cooking food in copper cookware, meals can become ever so slightly infused with the mineral, the health benefits of which are endless.

Copper promotes good digestive health. It is necessary for maintenance of the immune and nervous systems. It helps skin get healthier and is used in the creation of red blood cells. Too little copper can result in high cholesterol. It improves bone mineral density which, in turn, can prevent osteoporosis. The list goes on! So, introducing more copper into your kitchen is a healthy lifestyle choice as much as it is a choice of functionality and style.

Italian copper kitchenware and artisan cookware
Italian copper kitchenware and artisan cookware
Italian copper kitchenware and artisan cookware

Copper pots, saucepans and pans are widely recognised as being the most luxury type of cooking utensils available on the market, regardless of the cuisine you are cooking or the type of chef you consider yourself to be. However, as we have shown, they have many other benefits in addition to their grandeur that makes them an incredible type of luxury homeware – one that will make cooking that much easier for you and your family. Explore our range of copper cookware to experience these benefits first hand to see just how favourable copper pans and pots can be to your cooking.

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