Welcome in Autumn with the Camellia Linen Range

Folded Camellia napkin rests aside a bowl on the left, and cutlery on the right, all of which are placed atop the matching Camellia organic linen tablecloth.

The fall season is finally upon us, bringing with it its backdrop of warm, rusty hues, cosy nights indoors, and the countdown to winter. While the shorter days and cooler nights may signal the transition from evenings of dining in the garden to mealtimes spent within the walls of your home, we at AllÓRA do not believe that this should come at the expense of eye-catching and elegant table linen.

We are delighted to introduce the 100% organic linen Camellia Collection to bring the charm of the outdoors into your kitchen and onto your dining table this autumn. Handcrafted by the master artisans at Stamperia Bertozzi, this range includes a wonderful tablecloth, napkin and pair of tea towels, and is made from the most exquisite organic Italian linen, promising to delight your guests with its nature-inspired beauty, no matter the season.

The Design

The Camellia is an evergreen plant, making it a standout piece of flora at a time of year when so much foliage is bare or turning golden. An ideal choice to plant in autumn, its different varieties can begin to flower towards the end of the season, through the winter and into early spring, favouring the rainfall at these times of year in preparation for full summer bloom. Regardless of when the petals may bud, its rich green leaves do not lose their lustre at any point, giving vibrancy to a garden all year round.

The craftspeople at Stamperia Bertozzi have achieved the Camellia Collection’s life-like design through a mixture of hand-painting and ancient hand-printing techniques such as block-printing and wax-based negative printing. Using stamps hand-carved from blocks of pear wood and different shades of natural green dye, the Camellia’s leaves have been given a depth and dimension which, along with the delicate white and charming yellow floral pattern, make this linen range so enchanting.

Close-up detailing of the floral motifs and grey-blue band that make up the design of the Camellia linen tablecloth. The design contrasts with the real foliage that can be seen below.

Camellia Linen Tablecloth

A hand-painted, muted tone background coupled with intricate detailing on the drop area makes this linen tablecloth suitable for both formal occasions and relaxed dining occasions. The painted, blue-grey band which runs across the hanging edge and serves as a backdrop to the flowers creates a fresh, colourful look which can be admired even when the table is set and laden with and dinnerware. Additionally, the largely undecorated section of fabric which covers the table’s surface means this tablecloth is well-suited to having statement glass centrepieces placed upon it, whether that be in the form of crockery or glassware. Leave the tablecloth crumpled for a laid-back, stonewashed finish or iron the linen smooth whilst still damp for a more crisp look. 

Camellia Linen Napkin

Camellia organic linen napkin placed atop a bowl at a table setting. The bowl and cutlery sit atop the organic linen tablecloth from the Camellia collection

Whether simply folded, presented in a napkin ring or wrapped around cutlery, the Camellia linen napkin brings a satisfying sense of cohesion to your table. The only piece in the collection to not feature floral elements, its fabric displays the verdant leaves of the shrub, allowing the napkin to be used either in harmony with its matching linen tablecloth or by itself for less formal meals and dining occasions. Not only is the napkin’s organic linen incredibly soft to the touch, but its natural antibacterial properties make it an excellent choice for an item bound to come into close contact with the skin of your family and friends.

Camellia Linen Tea Towels

This range offers two distinct designs of linen tea towel. The first comes in organic linen’s natural shade and features the same sky-coloured band behind the Camellia flowers as the tablecloth, while the second tea towel has been painted rope-colour and shows the plant without the band detail.

Close-up detailing of the motifs of the Camellia organic linen tea towel with band. The tea towel is folded up at the corner to further display its embellishments.
Shot from above of the Camellia organic linen tea towel. The tea towel is folded up at the corner to further display its detailing.

Adding one or both of these tea towels to your homeware collection ensures that you can reap the benefits of this organic linen and enjoy its stunning artistry not just while you dine, but as you cook in the kitchen, too. The flax fibres which make up the fabric are more robust than cotton and also extremely absorbent, making these tea towels hard-wearing and suitable for their function as well as visually engaging. Consider using the tea towels when serving warm dishes and show off the uniformity amongst your table linen.

Folded Camellia linen napkin rests in front of a vase filled with tulips.

Usher in this autumnal chapter with our newest range of organic linen – you can rest assured in the knowledge that its year-round appropriateness of style and long-lasting quality will bring you pleasure in the kitchen and at the dining table for many years to come.

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