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Any wonderful dining experience that takes place in your home will begin in the kitchen - the heart of your home's spirit. Even though guests are less likely to congregate here than your dining areas, as this is where you will spend the majority of your time cooking, it deserves to look every bit as elegant as your dining areas. The authentic Italian designs on each of our designer tea towels will brighten up any kitchen. Not only will you feel their ambience, the uplifting mood created by your tea towels will shine through to your guests also.

Additionally, using a supreme quality linen tea towel will allow you to keep your kitchenware in perfect condition. The different types of cloth that make up our range of tea towels are perfect for drying your crockery after washing and for cutlery and glass polishing. By using the dish towels available above, you will ensure that your glassware and utensils are always buffed to a high sheen.

What fabric is best for tea towels?

When purchasing a luxury tea towel, you shouldn’t have to compromise on practicality for the sake of elegance, and vice versa. Our range of tea towels includes 100% organic crumpled linen towels and blended 50% linen and 50% cotton tea towels.

At AllÓRA, we believe that not only is linen's absorbency the most advanced of all natural materials, its fabric is also incredibly strong and durable enough to consistently stand the test of abrasive rubbing. In this way, long linen fibres are perfect for both cleaning and drying crockery. On top of that, the more use it receives, the better its drying performance becomes.

Linen tea towels' lint-free qualities make them the perfect option for drying glassware, as you will not have to worry about leaving behind streaks and fluff.

Not only are linen tea towels naturally sustainable and much better for the environment than other natural fabrics, their natural antibacterial qualities allow them to stay fresh and odour-free for much longer.

However, as cotton is also an impressive natural material, offering 50/50 blends in some of our tea towels allows us to offer these incredible designs to those who are more accustomed to cotton as a material, and at a lower price point.