Mother’s Day: Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is a truly special celebration. Many bigger holidays, like Christmas, can be busy frenzies full of gatherings and gift-giving, but Mothering Sunday is that annual opportunity to directly express your love for one special person – Mum.

Everyone celebrates Mother’s Day differently. For many people, it is a day to spend with their mother or mother figure. For others, it is a day to celebrate different women in their lives, including their grandmas, mother-in-law, or anyone who has become a new mum. And for some, it is a day to remember their mothers. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for observing Mother’s Day, but showing appreciation through a thoughtful gift is a popular and simple way of showing love to a special lady.

While a characterful, DIY gift was probably the go-to idea for many of us growing up – and a candle or bouquet of flowers accompanied by a homemade card is always a surefire hit on those years that the day slips our mind until the last minute – nothing beats treating your mum to a carefully chosen, luxury gift that she can enjoy for years to come.

Here at AllÓRA, we have hand-picked a selection of items from our collections which we believe will make the ultimate Mother’s Day gifts, so read on to gain some inspiration on ways that you can spoil your mum this year…

Murano Glass Bracelets

Crafted from the finest artisan glass from the island of Murano in Venice, a glass bracelet made at the hands of Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti is guaranteed to put a smile on any mother’s face. No matter whether her style favours chunky bangles or more classic bracelets, or whether she prefers nude tones or bright colours, we have an artisan glass bracelet to suit her fashion sense. These eye-catching pieces of jewellery, featuring bronze and gold detailing and motifs inspired by the natural world, are handmade in Italy using ancient glasswork techniques and make for a beautiful addition to any outfit.

Take your pick from the Hope, Dream, Joy and Mystery styles.

Organic Linen Aprons

There is nothing quite like mum’s cooking, but homemade meals don’t get that tasty without a lot of hard work. If your mother is someone who likes to spend time in her kitchen, a handmade linen apron might just be the perfect way to show your thanks for her culinary talents.

Coming in green, orange, blue, brown and pink, our linen aprons have been crafted by the artisans at Stamperia Bertozzi and are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. The gift of one of these linen aprons will not only protect your mother’s clothes from everything from spillages of sauce to clouds of flour, but will also bring a comforting and homely aura to the cooking space. In short; these pure linen aprons are an absolute staple for any home cook.

Artisan Glass Centrepieces

Make your mother feel wonderfully special with a beautiful centrepiece crafted from artisan glass to add to her home decor. Often referred to as ‘art glass’, the Murano glass with which our centrepieces are handmade is renowned for the captivating way its surface refracts light and for its versatility of form. No matter whether your mum would prefer the Dragonfly glass bowl for her abode’s interior, the Bacile glass bowl, or the Leaf glass dish in any one of its striking colours, giving her a Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti creation as a gift would be an inspired gift idea. These items of glassware can either fulfil a purely decorative purpose or be used to present food at the centre of a stunning tablescape.

Our exquisite centrepieces, while available in specific designs, are made entirely by hand, meaning that each one is totally unique and may bear the marks of artisanal work. What better way to treat your mother than with a one-of-a-kind gift?

Gauze Linen Scarves

If your mum is more fashion oriented, we would suggest you gift her a stunning linen scarf. Handmade, and woven from incredibly soft flax fibres, our gauze linen scarves will accentuate any outfit and are the perfect accessory all year round. Whether she chooses to wear it as a scarf during the colder months, a sarong in the summer, a shoulder wrap at dining occasions, or a headscarf, a scarf from our Tessitura Pardi or Stamperia Bertozzi ranges is the perfect present.

Available in an array of stunning colours and designs and featuring fringed edges with fine tassels, each linen scarf in our collection is a treat for any wardrobe.

It will never be a bad idea to give your mum a bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day, but this year, make the gift that extra bit more special by accompanying the bouquet with an artisanally crafted linen or glass item. No matter whether you opt for a glass centrepiece, a handmade linen apron, a beautiful linen scarf, or a bracelet crafted from artisan glass, make this Mother’s Day an unforgettable one with a thoughtful gift from AllÓRA.

Discover the full offerings of Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti, Tessitura Pardi and Stamperia Bertozzi for more gift ideas. Alternatively, browse our bespoke service to order a personalised gift.

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