Summer Dining Decor Inspiration

Summer Dining Decor Inspiration

The most wonderful season is upon us. Blue skies, an abundance of greenery, long days, sun kissed skin and the smell of lavender in the air all leave us feeling energised, inspired and optimistic.

Summer is the season to spend time with loved ones, to share stories over a glass of wine and freshly baked bread, to bask in the sun, or gather together in the dining room with candles lit and the doors flung open. Fresh air flows just like the wine.

Now that the scene is set, it’s time to consider how to create that feel-good atmosphere, transporting you to a rustic Italian dining experience, where food and laughter is shared, the air is thick and warm and the landscape rolls on as far as the eye can see as the sun sets above…

Find Inspiration in Nature

Creating the right atmosphere for a laid back yet unique dining experience is all about the setting. The location, the lighting and the decor. Once you have chosen the best place to host your dinner, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a real celebration, it’s time to consider how to create a beautiful table, providing everything that your guests need to relax and enjoy themselves.

Summer is a season to find inspiration in nature. When we are surrounded by nature we are calm, our shoulders relax as we take in our surroundings, we feel at ease, comfortable and free. Recreate this feeling by dressing your table with pieces inspired by our natural environment.

Lavender perfectly captures this. Providing a touch of colour, a beautiful summer scent and a reminder that the season to thrive is upon us. Think about all the senses – touch, sight, smell, taste, sound and create something that will tantalise the senses, rather than overpower.

For touch, consider the fabrics and materials on the table – something soft for the skin to brush against, or cool glass for the hand to grasp. For smell and taste, let the food and wine take centre stage. For sight, offer just enough detail to capture the eye, but not to distract from the company, and for sound, allow the birds to create the background noise and laughter to take centre stage.

Dressing your Table

For touch and sight, start with our Lavender Flowers Hand-Printed Linen Tablecloth. Each delicate flower has been hand-printed using three wooden blocks in different colours to add depth. This creates the perfect colour-scheme for your dining experience, whether you’re hosting indoors or outdoors, and offers just the right amount of detail and colour. Our tablecloth is made from 100% natural organic linen, which feels light and soft when brushed against the skin.

Hand-Printed Linen Tablecloth - Lavender Flowers

Glassware is an important part of the dining experience. Choose something that feels solid in the hand, yet has a lightness to it. Our Murano Glass Lavender Flowers collection offers the perfect solution. Perfectly complementing the Lavender Flowers Tablecloth, the collection includes wine goblets, tumblers and a jug that’s perfect for serving chilled water or red wine. Place a tumbler and goblet at every setting, and a jug for every 3-4 guests.

hand blown glassware

Finish the table with our Lavender Flowers Hand-Printed Linen Napkins, to allow guests to place on their lap for added comfort. The beautiful napkins are printed in the same way as the tablecloth and look beautiful draped across each table setting.

Hand-Printed Linen Napkin - Lavender Flowers

Add a touch of vibrant colour to the table, with our Leaf Centrepiece in bright green. Complementing the green tones within the Lavender Flowers collection perfectly, the centrepiece can be used simply as a design statement, or to serve guests.

fused glass centrepiece
Handmade Murano glass bowl

Finish the table with beautiful dinnerware, cutlery and white candles for a charming and stylish setting that’s ideal for atmospheric laid back summer dining.

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