Featured: Our Linen Collection – The World of Interiors Magazine

Featured: Our Linen Collection - The World of Interiors Magazine

As one of the most prestigious publications in interior design, The World of Interiors Magazine is highly renowned in the industry. Offering a definitive guide to design and decoration, the magazine focuses on high-end interiors, providing inspiration, a wealth of resources, and the latest industry updates.

The July 2021 issue is no different – with features including a mud mosque in Mali, Scandi style design on the Bay of Biscay, Gretchen Andersen’s stock-filled home, and Ferdinand IV’s moated Neoclassical belvedere in Italy. The July edition also featured AIIÓRA – showcasing two of our most-sought after and unique products. Here we take you through the details…

Our Linen Collection…

The World of Interiors Magazine featured two of our pieces from our linen – the Bumblebee Primrose Vintage Linen Towel, and the Organic Linen Cherry Tea Towel.

Vintage hemp linen towel
organic linen tea towel cherry

Both patterns have been selected from the archive of traditional designs that date back a number of decades at Stamperia Bertozzi, famous for Italian block printing since 1920. Authentically Italian, our collection features traditional charm and character, while providing the quality you would expect from high-end contemporary craftsmanship.

Vintage linen towel

Bumblebee Primrose Vintage Linen Towel

organic linen tea towel Cherry

Organic Linen Cherry Tea Towel

The Bumblebee Primrose Vintage Linen Towel

Inspired by an embroidery and lace making school in the region of Emilia-Romagna, Italy, the Bumblebee Primrose Linen Towel is made of natural vintage hemp linen and traditionally hand-woven using shuttle looms. The pattern has been created by wood-block printing by hand, and is available in blue, grey and rust. The collection also includes tablecloths, napkins and table runners, all of which are available by request.

Shop here.

The Organic Linen Cherry Tea Towel

Featuring an intricate design printed into organic linen, the Cherry Tea Towel features layers of lively colours, capturing the beautiful cherry orchards of Italy. Made from 100% natural linen, the tea towel is handmade and woodblock printed in Italy by Stamperia Bertozzi. The collection also includes tablecloths, napkins and table runners, all of which are available by request.

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Our vintage hemp linen collection is extensive, including a variety of designs that all follow the same principles. Along with tableware, the collection also includes bath towels and cushions, all made from vintage linen and block-printed by hand using natural dyes to create rich colours and a unique finish. The linen used was hand-woven by master weavers over 75 years ago, making each and every design precious with a rich history behind it.

Highlights of the collection include: the Hand-Printed Vintage Cushion Cover in Acanto Grey, the Hand-Printed Vintage Bath Towel in Chevron Black and the Sardines Hand-Printed Vintage Table Runner.

vintage cushion bertozzi
vintage linen towels
Vintage linen Stamperia Bertozzi, allorashop

Shop our entire vintage hemp linen collection here.

Our organic linen collection also includes a number of beautiful designs, all hand printed on luxurious 100% pure Italian linen. Other highly sought after pieces in this collection include the Lemon Organic Linen Tea Towel and the Pansies Organic Linen Tea Towel, both of which are made from 100% natural crumpled linen.

Italian linen kitchen towel lemon
Bertozzi linen tea towels flowers

As you can see, our vintage and organic hemp linen collections are truly unique. Celebrating the Italian Artisans of Stamperia Bertozzi, the end result is a striking collection full of charm and character, and we are thrilled that two of the key pieces were featured in The World of Interiors Magazine.

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