Styling with Yellow – Part 3 of our Colour Series

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Welcome to the third part of our colour series, styling with yellow. Our focus colour of the week is the stunning yellow of the Tuscan wheat fields. Often called fields of gold for their natural radiance and beauty. We see acres of breathtaking wheat fields on our travels through Tuscany, sourcing handmade, original pieces for AllÓRA. They are an inspiration to the many artisans we engage to provide traditionally crafted items for our customers.

The Colour Yellow

Yellow is the colour of sunshine! It brings hope, happiness and colour into your life so why wouldn’t you want to add a touch of it to your home? It’s a positive colour bringing energy and life to a room, which means it works wonderfully in family rooms and kitchens. Yellow can be used as the main colour as a wall paint as it comes in many hues from pale corn silk to orange-yellow. Check out this excellent blog on Houzz on picking the right shade of yellow.

Colour Combining

As there are so many shades of yellow to choose from, the colour combinations are endless. Yellow and grey are a perfect match. It pairs well with green. Yellow, pink and cream is a beautiful combination. It goes well with turquoise as well as blue and navy. Lilac, brown, black and white are all good colours to combine with yellow. 

This is a delightful example of yellow with green, brown and white for a soft springtime look by House Beautiful. See the full blog here.

Add Splashes of Colour

You don’t have to go all out with yellow walls to add a touch of sunshine to your home. Add a splash of colour to your life with this charming hand thrown yellow Tuscan dinnerware set featuring a dinner plate, side plate and round bowl. Designed to be rustic, it would fit in beautifully with a coastal, country style or French decor.  See more on creating the French look.

Styling with Yellow – Part 3 of our Colour Series

Brighten up your garden or terrace with this magnificent yellow dining chair by Beliani. The unique eye-catching style is sure to be a conversation starter. It’s versatile enough to be used inside and outside the house.

This modern Glader pendant light by Royal Design is in a subtle shade of yellow for those who want to keep their colour scheme low-key.

Styling with Yellow – Part 3 of our Colour Series

Get the Look

Yellow is a popular colour in Tuscany for the home, often used for the main wall colour both outside and inside. We couldn’t write this blog without examples of Tuscan yellow! Here are some images of inspiring homes we found on Houzz – Tuscan Yellow Home Design Photos.

For lots of kitchen ideas, This Old House has a great blog with yellows ranging from the palest to the most vibrant shades. Check it out – Editors’ Picks: Our Favourite Yellow Kitchens

decorating with yellow

We hope you no longer see decorating with yellow as a challenge! Our aim at AllÓRA is to bring more colour and beauty into people’s homes. Don’t forget to look out for the fourth part of our colour series, Styling with Pink.

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