Slow Living: Embracing a Lifestyle Through Homeware

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You’ve probably heard of slow living; a term that has captured the internet in recent years and is often used alongside minimalist, Pinterest-worthy photographs of books and steaming mugs of coffee foregrounding some linen bed sheets. But slow living is far more than an ‘easy Sunday morning’ aesthetic – the slow movement is a lifestyle.

Born out of a movement that began in Italy in the 1980s, slow living is a lived mindset which takes a slower approach to everyday life and which is all about purpose, simplicity, and balance. Here at AllÓRA, our offering goes hand-in-hand with many key aspects of slow life, so read on to learn more about how our range of luxury homeware can help you put this mindset into practice and elevate your own way of living.

What is Slow Living?

Slow living was born out of the slow food movement, which originated in Rome. After plans were announced to open a fast food restaurant by the breathtaking Spanish Steps, Italian activists protested to protect the local area’s gastronomic heritage, and their championing of quality, tradition and sustainability paved the way for ‘slow’ movements within fashion, news, travel and more. As the slow movement has gained momentum over the years, people have become increasingly aware of how slow living – implementing the movement’s ideals into daily life – can help them live more fully. But how?

Slow life is characterised not by a lack of actual speed, but by a conscious break from the fast-paced elements of modern life. In amongst the hustle-and-bustle of a society which so often celebrates busyness, it can be all too easy to burn out, lose perspective and run out of time to do the things we truly care about. The concept behind slow, conscious living is to be more intentional with your time (by prioritising what you value most) and living more sustainably; in essence, living life at a slower pace. 

Here are some core values of slow living and ways that you can enjoy them…

Consuming Less

It goes without saying that at the centre of sustainable living lies the resolve to consume less. A never-ending cycle of buying cheap, on-trend products and disposable items causes enormous amounts of waste and is having an awful impact on the planet’s natural resources, but slow living allows for more self-awareness when it comes to consumption.

By valuing quality over quantity and making more considered purchases, you can still enjoy the fun of some shopping while knowing that you are doing so in a sustainable way. At AllÓRA, everything from our cotton and linen pieces to our ceramic products are crafted from the highest-quality material and deliver the ultimate durability, so you can be sure that the next addition to your homeware collection will be a true investment. Something as small as making the switch from single-use serviettes to luxe linen napkins can be a step towards choosing to fill your home with items that are designed to last a lifetime.

Meaningful Leisure Time

Everyone has different hobbies and ways in which they like to unwind, but in the exhausting day-to-day of our world, it can be easy for people to feel like they do not meaningfully utilise their free time. Adopting the lifestyle of slow living could be the answer to this crisis of well-being for many.

Whether your ideal way to slow down is by curling up with a book in your bedroom under a cosy throw, or by nestling yourself amongst the cushions in your living space as you work on a drawing, the importance lies in reclaiming your time. No matter whether you choose to use it for personal growth or just a much-needed rest, making conscious decisions regarding your own leisure time is what it means to live life slowly.


To be mindful is to be present in the moment and conscious of your surroundings; journaling and meditation are popular methods to this end, as they can help you switch off the autopilot. While it can be difficult to practise mindfulness every minute of every day, someone practising slow life would focus on being mindful at the times that are most important to them. 

For many of us, these might include special occasions and family meals. It is often around the dining table that our closest relationships are fostered, making it the focal point of many treasured memories, so why not deck yours out with decor to remember? A hand-printed tablecloth or an authentic Murano glass centrepiece are guaranteed to make any present moment unforgettable as you mindfully enjoy the occasion with those closest to you.

Connection to Community

A deep community connection is at the heart of slow, conscious living – and we believe that there are few better ways to build a sense of community than by supporting small businesses and independent artisans. 

Whether you favour the work of Stamperia Bertozzi, Tessitura Pardi, Ceramiche Bucci, Tanucci, Ceramiche Tapinassi or Vetrofuso by Daneila Poletti, all of our exquisite items of homeware hail from artisan houses that have mastered regional specialties of craftsmanship and created works of unrivalled beauty. In their making of each and every piece – whether it be a linen bath towel from Emilia-Romgana, a copper casserole from Marche or a glass goblet from the island of Murano – our artisans are keeping alive their communities’ traditions while simultaneously offering you a magical experience at home.


Of course, sustainable living would be nothing without an emphasis on making your lifestyle more eco-friendly and conscious of issues such as climate change. Within the slow movement, being intentional with your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment is key, so it’s no surprise that all of our products have been crafted with sustainability and the appreciation of nature in mind. 

Our organic linen production uses the whole flax plant to reduce crop wastage. Most of our ceramic products are made from local Tuscan clay. The hemp from which our hemp linen items are woven is water-saving. Pure cotton, used by our artisans, is grown with no use of pesticides. You can recycle all of our fabrics (which are also biodegradable). We could go on… but it is clear that sustainable practices are used at the source of each of our materials while the finished products facilitate conscious living, a sustainable lifestyle and, by extension, slow living.

As you can see, the slow philosophy is central to our ethos. If you are interested in slowing the pace of your life, focusing on the things and people that are most valuable to you and want to live a life of sustainability, then it is time to embrace slow life and feel the benefits! Browse our ranges of everything from eco-friendly tea towels to sustainable bedding, and take time to get back to your true self in the comfort of your home. Because to surround yourself with AllÓRA each day is slow living.

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